Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mall Blogation- Independence Day Concert- 41st Annual SMOKE-IN

MYSTR Treefrog -E.Brayton, BleeChild and A. Coles did our set..
generally speaking the present Yippee faction of political numbnuts are very unlikely to be the avant garde of change or efficient nostril barbering in this first part of the 21st century. I do not wish to seem inappropriately harsh. My guess is Marijuana will be decriminalized without them. One has to remember where one put the petition or the car keys before effective legislation can be transported and delivered to the Hallowed Halls of Legislators and Pimps in charge of....um....apparently EVERYTHING.This much is clear when faced with the reality of concert production(??) on July 4th on the Washington Mall for the 41st annual Smoke-In.Considering a random snowball fight put on Facebook last winter drew over a thousand people to Dupont Circle with one hour's notice- I'd guess 1000 stoners might be roused enough to come out and support local music at a FREE concert.The Sound company did a great job and all the bands played well and did their part.MYSTR Treefrog and friends E.B. A.C. and BleeChild played with our soul. Theday was clear... sky was blue and down the alley the ice wagon flew....Peace-like y'all.MTF

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