Saturday, June 27, 2009

M.J. Exits and Money Indeed Talks

Date: Jun 27, 2009

A Personal Note (and reaction) To My Historian Pal William "Safari" Manning in South Carolina who wrote a very detailed and fascinating piece on the state of Mi Jackson's Copyrights of Beatles Music-and where it may all stand legally upon his storied demise.:

Jeez Bill. You think lots.
As a former member of The Beatles Fanclub and Monkees Lunchbox buying Public..may I simply state that
Weer sincerely....and yes it's ....

Pretty damned lucky for us in the landed(yet forclosed) brain midgetry to have you watching the Stats.
( On a quick Personal note:---I threaten you now with a copy of SWAMPADELIC HOUND DAWG..or better put, a copy of a studio master.
Selection Number 3 "TRUTH SAFARI" may be of special interest.)
This album was completed yesterday upon the demise of the chameleon man-child with previously fleet feet.
Syncronicity. Baby.
There are The Quick, The Dead(one of whom can actually-technically claim the position)
and NOW The Tragic Entertainer and apparent Elvis(and Jonny Cash) spawned(inspired) Train Wreck of awesomest massive exorbitantly humongus
TWICE awesome(like...rea-lly BIG) newspaper selling importance.
Weer talking Gravity Here.
The State of The Third Estate Falters No More.
The Byline?
! The New York Times Has An Orgasm ! all about it...

The Print Media gasps and holds it's collective breath(breadth?) in a hearty ,
eye-popping refrain:

" Katy Gitcher gun! Get that Satellite Frikkin Truck Down Heer NOW!."

Editors Bellow from the Windows of Fleet Street.
(and The Pawtuckett Examiner..)

" Copy! COPY fer a solid YEAR on this one DEAD MUTHAH FUUC-KER."
The Ghost of Randolph Hearst whispers in the time traveling ear of an un-dead Marley-
"Weeee-eer saaa-vvv-ed boys....saaaavedddd.."
(Imagine /Insert soft ethereal REVERB here...)
For Gawd's Sake people.
Wake the Fuckin Fuck Up.
Michael (the Tragic Archangell)Jackson may single-gloved-handedly saved the economy
by O.D.(D.) and remarkable timing.
The Moonwalk of Shiva.
This, Brother Will- (will) not be the last time the Circus will come to town.
I am, by the way impressed by how The Republican Governor of Nevada's
(now re-named The Chastity State)
Had his Penis interviewed on Oprah.
But wait! There's More!
Never To Be Outdone!
Your Governor's Penis can roll out like a fire hose all the way to Argentina
(They don't call it the Fuckland Islands fer NOTHIN' champ..)
Now here's a truly GREEN statement on yer Resume'.
Think Locally- Fuck Globally.
Between the Governor's(times two) Penile Erectumus Vexatum
and Micheal Jackson's Barn-Burner of An Exit-
We the American Peoples are sitting like Pigs on tattered couches in
Over-financed shit.
Ask a Farmer.
He'll tell you it smells like money.
You can't spend a Hole.

with all the sincerity I can muster given the feeding frenzy:
MYSTR Treefrog

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