Saturday, August 8, 2009


The New CD by MYSTR Treefrog is Now available on
Some truly great people contributed to the sound of this album.

BleeChild played drums on most of the tracks on the Cd. It was great to be able to work with him again in the studio. We haven’t been able to do studio work since laying down rough tracks for what would be Mer De Mente by SHOCK OPERA. We’ve known and played music together since he was 14 years old. His enthusiasm for live performance hasn’t changed. He plays in three thousand bands in and around Richmond,Va…The SPLINTERED JELLY BABIES,THE STRAP-ONS, PURE AND SINFUL (just to name a few.)He refuses to be quiet or still or entirely un-demented.
It is also possible that he NEVER sleeps.
Check him out on

ELIJAH BRAYTON- Bass. I guess I had to grow my own. Luckily for me the genetics kicked in. His track on “Chasin’ Tail” was so supremely funky it made the whole experience worthwhile….besides- he’s way easier on the eyes for the female fans than M.T.F…his memory is amazingly intact AND he lifts all the heavy stuff- (including P.A., Drums, and M.T.F. after each performance.) Such a good Lad.

ALPHONSO “HOT”COLES- Djembe and Hand Percussion: Alphonso has been a key element to the SWAMPADELIC THUMP signature sound. His work with both the Electric and Acoustic textures of the band is pivotal by adding the go-go and Afro-Latin beat to the stew.Alphonso and MYSTR Treefrog often go out as a duo and play Acoustically anywhere they are allowed to do so. They may even submit to the indignity of applying for a D.C. busquer’s license. Or then again-maybe not.

GARY FRALIN- Organ on TRUTH SAFARI and SLOW SHAPES. This performance came about as a casual phone call from BleeChild for Gary to bump down to SNAKE OIL STUDIOS to lay down a track or two. What a great player. It was inspirational and added so much to the emotion and texture of the sound that everyone was blown away. NOTHING makes a song better than the soul of a B-3 and a Leslie Cabinet.

GARY BROWN of BUSHMASTER BLUES- Played Amazing Lead Guitar to M.T.F.’s Acoustic 12 string on GOD’S GIFT 2 MAN. Gary Brown is probably one of THE BEST live guitar players on The East(and West) Coast. This track is just a small sample of what he and his Stratocaster are capable of. He and his wife Trudi are true Blues Road Warriors and travel all over the area playing incredible live blues-rock. Do yourself a favor- Go check him out. One show will restore your faith in live Guitar Artistry.
ELE EDBERG- played a nearly perfect rimshot track on JEFFERSON NOVA AND KELLY CHEVETTE. He nailed the track a flawless first take. Ele is the son of a great musician from Takoma Park, MARK EDBERG of The FURIES. He and Eli were elementary schoolmates. He is currently studying Music theory at Temple University in Philadelphia.
This young Cat is gonna set the Jazz World on Fire- I guarantee.

COLEMAN O’DONOHUE- channeled his inner NAWLINS Funky Swamp Thang on LEONARD and added some great Hi=hat work on TRUTH SAFARI. Coleman is well known in The Md/DC area as a premier session and Live Jazz Drummer for anyone that matters. He is also the kindly, friendly and humorous cat who runs the Drum Kingdom at Chuck Levins Washington Music Center. He knows more about Plastic food shaped shake toys and maracas than anyone else alive. He’s kind of a Percussionist Mark Twain.
He’d probably disagree but he’s not the bragging type.

The Drum and Organ Tracks were recorded(with great patience) by
Dan-O is a veteran road-dog of years of touring in Europe and the U.S.-most notably with the band ADAM WEST. It takes a practicing live musician to understand what is needed to record excitable crazy people with manic ideas. A sense of humor and good micing technique will win out every time.

The final mix was done by FRANK MARCHAND, engineering legend of the Maryland Music Jungle at WATERFORD DIGITAL in Odenton, Md. Frank has been responsible for the sound of THE ALMIGHTY SENATORS,BOB MOULD,CHOPTEETH,NOTHINGFACE,MISS SARAH AND THE HELP,EAST IS EAST,JIMMY’S CHICKEN SHACK and nearly everyone else. He is also in great demand as a live touring sound engineer and has traveled the planet doing so. He will be moving to Takoma Park by Late Summer to be a partner in AIRSHOW STUDIOS. This will be a musical powerhouse…move over Stax and Muscle Shoals...

KELLY CHEVETTE added her vocal atmospheric flair to the opening track: WALKERDAWG. She will be responsible for starting and calming many a boot-slapping,bar-fighting Swampadelic sonic food fight. We look forward to the headlines…Her instant celebrity status will never change her -she may,however, be impossible to recognize with that solid black bar across her eyes.