Sunday, May 16, 2010

What MTF is reading..this month-week-moment

Saturday May 15th 2010- MTF reading this :
What MTF is reading this month: I do tend toward History and Biographies rather than Novels these days.

The Unexpected George Washington by Harlow Giles Unger Father of Our Country was not as boring and staid as we have been led to believe. He was shrewd,lucky and not that great of a military strategist. He owned slaves, felt bad about it- but not enough to free them til he was dead.He never had wooden teeth. He was much more enterprising than that- he bought teeth from grotty unlanded peasants willing to part with a couple spare molars for a buck and some of George's home brewed colonial kick-ass brandy- His son in-law was a wanker and his nephews and grandson were peckerhed spoiled effeminate turds on whom he wasted lots perfectly good money by sending them to college..and his mother drove him batshit.I FEEL ya bro.

Manhunt-The 12 Day Chase For Lincoln's Killer by James L Swanson

This was suggested to me by LyndaLu- the author of the Blog DC ROCKS and a proud native of the District. One of the best historical accounts of a traumatic event that nearly -had it been entirely successful-destroyed the Federal Government just days after Lee surrendered at Appomattox. This book blew me away. There are details about the assassination that we NEVER learned in school. Fact: Many Southern generals wrote a blistering condemnation of this act-even as they were laying down their arms in defeat. Also girls-John Wilkes Booth was quite the theatre sexhunk who-in an odd twist of fate-suffered from REVERSE booty call once he got EXTRA famous. The bonfires around the country from ex-lovers burning his love letters kept the Port of Baltimore and Capitol city illuminated for years.

For All The Tea In China- by Sarah Rose-

A short interesting read about Messr. Fortune- The Scot who perpetrated the first and most daring act of industrial espionaige by going to a closed China- sneaking into the interior disguised as a round eyed caucasian Chinaman( Take that Boy George) and stealing seedlings and cultivation secrets of Tea for the East India Company- The Halliburton of it's day. AH! The same bunch who brought Opium=Morphine=Heroin to the modern world. Charming.Fact- There is NO difference between Green and Black Tea- it's all in the processing folks.

One Man Tango- by Anthony Quinn can be no denying that Anthony Quinn was one of the coolest actors on the planet. And he was freakin too nuts to slow down and consider the concept of I CAN'T...and he fuct every star under the sun. Those Hollywood types..everything you heard about them was true. The scene in Mexico where Quinn, and Gary Cooper looked into the stars and discussed philosophy while Coop gave Barbara Stanwyk a handjob is worth the price of the book. Dirt? Trust's ALL here...and the bio of a truly amazing artist and man. VERY COOL. The guy was a fave before- Now he's my hero. I do- however- intend to stay married so there are a few things I won't emulate. Jeez...the guy had 14 kids by six(or eight-I lost count) women...without Viagra. Must be the spice in the fettucinni...

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