Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MTF-New D.C.Cemetery Examiner

Hey all…this is an odd yet friendly spam of an interesting nature.
I have become the D.C. Cemetery Examiner with the Examiner online newspaper.

No I haven’t joined a Goth cult or witches coven. I haven’t decided to creep around dressed all in black clothing or become a professional mourner. My name is not being changed to Lurch. I do admit to being somewhat of a “taphophile”. (Hint-it doesn’t mean necrophile. That’s someone else’s column to write. Sorry.) The fact is that I have always been fascinated by the architecture and the artisans involved in creating the bronze sculpture, wrought iron and marble monuments used in cemeteries. The interest is further heightened by my love of history and archeology; and the restoration work I have done on numerous historical buildings in the Capitol region.(
There are many aspects of cemeteries I will cover in my column- everything from the methods and styles of construction of the types of monuments to be found regionally, to the famous artists who have been commissioned to create the great, and at times epic, funerary art used to convey the sense of love and loss of the dearly departed.

Washington, D.C. in particular has many great and powerful persons who have chosen to be interred in the National Capitol area. There are some incredible cemeteries to be found within the National Capitol region that are open to the public. I will also cover the challenges involved in historic preservation of the many small family graveyards, slave burial grounds, so-called “potter’s fields”, Native American burial sites, colonial sites and military sites in Washington, DC. Region.
I will interview artists, historians, bronze casters, sculptors, stone masons, monument makers, florists, funeral directors and anyone involved in the related fields of the death care industry and historical preservation of burial sites in D.C., Maryland, Virginia and deal with anything anywhere that an interesting and instructive story can be found.

Those of you who know me personally are aware that I am not without a sense of humor or adverse to the occasional odd story. Let me entertain you. Let me amuse you. Let me teach you what flowers are considered appropriate for pets and humans who have taken the A-train to eternity. Let me suggest whether or not it is appropriate to use the song Dead Flowers by The Rolling Stones at services you plan. There are limits. (Perhaps.)
And yes- if you click on my Examiner column( when you see an announcement in your e-mail about a new post I make a nice shiny penny per viewing. I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying a new mansion anytime soon, but every little bit helps. Something tells me I’ll be needing a couple extra bucks to send my nice black suit to the cleaners a little more often.

I welcome any leads, locations of historical sites or suggestions at my e-mail:

J.D. Brayton (aka MTF to those who know me in the music world)

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