Monday, January 19, 2009

How MYSTR Treefrog Will Spend Inauguration Day Well within Earshot of the

How MYSTR Treefrog Will Spend Inauguration Day Well within Earshot of the
Great UBER-MEGA National Clusterphuk

My plan is to eat soup and watch the midget Jumbo-tron know as my TV.
Hell..I voted fer the Guy...thats pretty good as far changing /enacting history goes for me. Especially in blue ball January. If I had my choice I'd be content to hear the swearing in on a tinny transistor radio on a beach in The Virgin Islands. Mun.Static doesn't harsh my buzz.
I'd hate for my fascination and excitement to sour by feeling like I'm an extra cast member in MARCH OF THE (confused/self important) PENGUINS.'s an idea (!!) ICE CUBE should be the featured act at the Lincoln Memorial.
New Invention ? Porta Potty masquerading as a backpack.
But ..*sigh..*
Backpacks Verboten.
Has anyone even seen " A BEAUTIFUL MIND?
Have the Inaugural Planners?
Bake Cookies. Kashi-bars laced with Paxil, Prozac and Ambien.
No need of massive Viagra..(that’s what the Washington Monument is for.)
Feed The Multitudes.Air Drop McDonalds Fish Sandwiches into the crowd. This too could go down in the history (oddly) repeats itself category.
I shit you not. I look forward with enchanted (AND ENIGMATIC)aplomb.
P.S. All cynism aside...I am proud of this country for living up to our potential.
I can admit to (possible maybe almost)tears. But that seems SO-ooo un-punkified. So forget I mentioned that.
I'm proud to be a Boomer.
Oh...and G'bye Idgit- go back to whatever jerkwater Texas town y'all came from.
Free at last! Das Kapital rocks once more.

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