Thursday, January 22, 2009


...A TROLL, Y'Hear? A TROLL!

This is what my 15 yr old blue-haired son accused me of after reading several of my reviews on Techno, Ambient, and Electronica on The C0nsensus site.

“’re Trolling.”

“ that like Trawling?”

“ No..TROLLING is like bashing something without being constructive.”

“ I am not.”

“You are. You know you hate why review it?”

“ Hey..look, I TRAWL down the list and randomly pick something that looks interesting. If it’s good, I like it..if it’s bad I try to be kind but tell the truth..if it’s Techno Non-Music CRAP I simply say so.”

He shakes his head again with that baleful Dad-Yer-A-Hopeless-Hypocrite look in his eyes.

“ Dad, I hereby anoint you the TROLL-OF-THE-YEAR-AWARD. Your Statue is a giant Booger.”

“ You’re being insolent.”

“ I am.”

“ You’re questioning my objectivity!”

“I am.”

“ Well, look..I may be an old school pain-in-the-arse stickler about MUSIC being the expression of the HUMAN soul..therefore- to be PLAYED by HUMANS. But I am NO TROLL.”

“ are.”

“Am not.”

“Amso. My father is a Troll.”

“ Go to bed.”

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